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We are a health and well-being company made up of team members around the world helping to build a modern, high-performing health system.

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Taking Tailored Care to the People

To improve the quality of life by transforming the way healthcare and wellbeing products and solutions are delivered. Our aim is to enhance the quality and affordability by deploying next-generation Data-Driven care protocols called P3DC.

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The Mission of the Telth is to provide personalized- precision care, even to the remotest part of the world. Higher quality care comes with greater affordability, enabling the smart hospitals with NO Walls; the primary task is to take the sophistication of advanced technology for everyone in desperate need and aiming to increase access to quality health care, through connected and personalized care. The new genera of passionate and dedicated collaborative healthcare & Wellness professionals to solve the industry problems and create opportunities for local social entrepreneurs to serve the care industry, promoting a care system that is self-responsive, socially responsible, localized, and highly sustainable to serve everyone in need.


The Vision of Telth is to build a healthy world that can chase the ailment before it comes, not to chase the treatment after catching the illness—taking this free-to-use, on-demand service platform to deliver advanced care solutions with localization to every part of the world. Telth Ecosystem enables end-to-end connected and personalized care through integrated and collaborative care delivery teams. Telth Vision is to improve the accuracy of clinical decisions by 99% and aid the World Health Organization’s target of more than 90% adoption of evidence-based practice. Building extensive network of technical and collaborative team infrastructure to offer the treatment within one hour window, including delivery of supplies. The heart of the Telth platform is Data-Driven Care, further, to harvest the benefit of data to power Telth smart home, diet planning, intelijars and even more. Data-Driven care has the potential to save 65% of the Global healthcare budget; this enormous resource can boost countries’ social welfare projects, including alleviating Global hunger.

our vision

Our Journey

Our patent pending technologies like P3DSC, TWBAN and Root Cloud drive innovation at Telth Healthcare.

•Research project started in 2012 @ RIMS Lab to evolve the Hybrid Blockchain technology for Health care delivery.
• Project Telth started; TECHNOLOGY FOR EMBEDDED LOGISTICS TUNNEL FOR HEALTH CARE project started by using the Root clouds protocols to deliver secured Health care globally.
• The research completed and brand registration with USPTO.
• Support Device and Equipment project started for Telth WBAN and Telth RPM Delivery
• First Telth HES developed under the production contract with Maya medical Device Manufacturers and the European quality certification application. 2020 ; Successful certification issued upon accurate test reports was verified.
• Commercial production started with updated version along with other supporting smart bands and smart bands Telth Ecosystem development project started
• We will global reach in 2022

Our People & Culture

Our advisory panel consists of radiologists, other doctors and public health experts. We work with these specialists to define clinically relevant problems and design real-world solutions for seamless integration in client environments.

Our People & Culture


Leadership Team

Propelling our company and the industry forward takes passion and expertise. Meet the people leading the way.

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Dr. Ramnathan Raju

Dr. Ramnathan Raju

President and CMO Telth Network Global operations

Dr. Alex Ephrem

President and Mentor Research, training and Intl Digital Health Parks

Dr. Kanimozhi Raja

Chief Technology Officer/ Founder /Investor

Work with us

We’re hiring for Business Development, Regulatory, UX Research, Customer Success and Engineering roles. Write to us at careers@telth.care